At Lonza, we strive to minimize the environmental impact of our operations and business practices. We maintain safe workplaces for our employees and provide appropriate education, information and training.

Our 2030 targets

It has been our commitment and strategy throughout the last decade to reduce our energy, water and waste intensity, as well as our rate of accidents and incidents.

We have reviewed our strategy and policy for the upcoming years, and updated our environmental goals to reflect specifically the longer-term greenhouse gas (GHG) reduction requirement from the Paris Agreement. The Paris Agreement sets out a global climate action plan to limit global warming to well below 2°C and is pursuing efforts to limit it to 1.5°C.

With our energy and GHG targets, we aim to reduce our CO2-eq emissions intensity to below 50% in 2030 (baseline year 2010). For waste we aim for a 2% efficiency gain per annum. For water consumption we aim to introduce local targets and projects in water-intensive or water-restricted sites.

The Vision Zero remains unchanged as our aspiration to ensure the safety of our people and our factories and to operate way below the permitted emission limits. The programs around Vision Zero will be developed site by site and reflect the type and impact of the operations within multi-year roadmaps.

New long-term targets, until 2030 - baseline 2018, per 1 million CHF sales         
Zero lost time injuries (aspiration)
24% energy reduction
36% CO2 reduction, e.g. through more renewable energy
24% waste reduction
These targets correspond to per-annum milestones, per 1 million CHF sales           
Corrective actions and accidents (defined by target)
2% energy reduction
3% CO2 reduction, more renewable electricity
2% waste reduction
Continual Improvement
Lonza wants our sites to constantly strive to make progress in environmental and health protection and safety at work.
Management System
We continually improve our products and processes in order to enhance utility and decrease impacts