We've designed our application process to be as fair and as quick as possible.

Step 1:

Submit your application online via this website.

Step 2:

Your application will be reviewed by a Recruitment Partner. If your profile matches our requirements, we will get in touch to arrange a first-stage telephone interview.

Step 3:

Following a successful telephone interview, we will arrange a personal interview. These interviews may be face-to-face, video calls or further telephone interviews and will be arranged for a mutually convenient date and time. One or more interviews may be required at this stage.

Step 4:

After a successful final interview, one of our Recruitment Partners will be in touch to discuss the offer.

Step 5:

Once the offer is accepted, our Lonza HR Operations team will support you through the final steps of the process and during your on-boarding.

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Update regarding COVID-19

Since the emergence of COVID-19 (the coronavirus), the need for our contribution to the healthcare and disinfection industries has never been greater. We are continuing to maintain operations in nearly all markets as our products, services and solutions are regarded as an essential part of the fight against the spread of the infection.

We are adapting to new ways of working during this time, as we are eager to protect our applicants from any unnecessary exposure to risk. With this in mind, in certain markets we are mandating remote interviewing and postponing on-boarding visits to our sites and facilities. There may be some delays caused by our new working routines and recruitment practices, but rest assured we value every application.

We are eager and excited for new employees to join our community, and we are working diligently to ensure our recruitment plans match our continued focus on growth. We understand that our employees are critical to our future success and we remain fully committed to supporting our applicants in their recruitment journey.