Protecting our candidates from Recruitment Fraud and Scamming

The vast majority of us are now going online to look for our next career move. Unfortunately, this has presented new opportunities for scammers. Several fraud attempts using the Lonza name have been reported to us in various countries. These activities range from fake Lonza job adverts being created, to fraudsters posing as Lonza recruiters. Their ultimate aim is almost always to obtain money and / or access personal and confidential information.

Over the past few years, online recruitment scams have increased substantially. They are very difficult to stop but, fortunately, they’re usually easy to identify. Please remain aware of the following practices, which define an authentic Lonza recruitment experience:

  • We will never ask a candidate for payment of any kind as part of the hiring or onboarding process
  • We will never ask a candidate to share sensitive personal information (such as government identification numbers), or banking / financial information, unless an offer of employment has been made
  • We will never contact a candidate from a free web-based email account such as or
  • We will never ask a candidate to call a premium rate number in order to attend a phone interview
  • We will never offer a candidate a job without first going through our application and interview process

If you suspect that an attempt has been made to commit recruitment fraud, please report this to your local authority.

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