CORE results as defined by Lonza

Lonza believes that disclosing CORE results of the Group’s performance enhances the financial markets’ understanding of the company because the CORE results enable better comparison across years. The CORE results concept, which is used in the internal management of the business, is based on the IFRS results, excluding the following adjustments:

  • Amortization of intangible assets resulting from business combinations
  • Impairments (including reversal of impairments) of intangible assets, property, plant & equipment, goodwill and assets held for sale
  • Restructuring programs in excess of CHF 0.5 million
  • Acquisition and integration costs related to business combinations
  • Costs related to divestitures of businesses as well as disposal gains and losses
  • Impacts from discontinued operations
  • Environmental remediation costs related to divested / inactive sites as well as remediation projects in excess of CHF 10 million
  • Defined benefit plan settlements and curtailments in excess of CHF 10 million
  • Lonza’s share of profit or loss from associates and joint ventures

Alternative Performance Measures

The reported financial information also comprise certain Alternative Performance Measure (APMs) which are not accounting measures as defined by IFRS (non GAAP measures), in particular the CORE results.

Initiation of S&P credit rating

Lonza announced the initiation of a public credit rating with Standard & Poor’s (S&P), which resulted in a BBB+ rating with a stable outlook. Lonza is committed to maintaining an investment-grade rating going forward.


On 28 April 2020, the Annual General Meeting approved the distribution of a dividend of CHF 2.75 (financial year 2018: CHF 2.75) per share in respect of the 2019 financial year. The distribution to holders of outstanding shares totaled CHF 205 million (2019: CHF 204 million). Thereof, CHF 102.4 million have been recorded against retained earnings and CHF 102.4 million have been recorded against reserves from capital contributions of Lonza Group AG.

Dividend payment history

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Currency exposure

The currency exposure reflects as follows:

Sales Cost*
USD 42.8% 38.7%
EUR 16.8% 11.2%
CHF 27.2% 25.9%
GBR 1.3% 7.6%
CNY 3.8% 6.9%
Other 8.6% 9.8%
*Includes Cost of Goods Sold, Core SAR and Core OIE

Hedging policy / foreign exchange management policy and process:

  • Focus on natural hedge incl. financing mix
  • Contract hedging
  • Centralized FX management
  • Partially, active hedging of expected future FX exposure

Pension benefits

The group operates defined-benefit pension plans in various countries, with the major plans being in Switzerland, Great Britain and the United States (these plans are described in Note 24.1, page 131 of the Financial Report in Lonza’s Annual Report 2019). For pension accounting purposes, these plans are considered as defined-benefit plans.

The significant actuarial assumptions at the reporting date (expressed as weighted averages) were as follows:

in %
 2019  2018
Discount rate 0.29 3.18 2.08 0.83 4.20 2.86
Future salary increases 1.00 0.00 3.22 1.00 0.00 3.41
Future pension increases n/a 0.00 2.33 n/a 0.00 2.47

Additional information on Employee Benefit Liabilities e.g: are disclosed in Note 24, page 131 of the Financial Report in Lonza’s Annual Report 2019.

How much does Lonza spend on research and development (R&D)?

Research & Development (R&D) costs include all primary costs directly related to this function, as well as internal services and imputed depreciation. These costs are incurred for:

  • Development of new products and services
  • Improvement of existing products and services
  • Development of new production processes
  • Improvement of existing production processes
  • Cost for patents
  • Purchase price for product and process know-how to the extent not capitalized

The R&D costs amounted to CHF 188 million (2018: CHF 160 million) and represent the full range of R&D activity. However, the consolidated income statement discloses research and development costs of only CHF 123 million (2018: CHF 110 million), as the remainder of such costs are absorbed in “Cost of goods sold” for R&D products and services sold.

Where are Lonza shares traded?

Shares of Lonza Group Ltd are listed on the SIX Swiss Exchange and were included in the Swiss Market Index (SMI) in 2019. We also maintain a secondary listing on the SGX Singapore Exchange.

What is the stock symbol?

Stock Exchange Listing / Trading:

SIX Swiss Exchange

SGX Singapore Exchange

Common Stock Symbols

Bloomber LONN SW

Reuters LONN.S

Six Swiss Exchange LONN

SGX Singapore Exchange O6Z

Security Number:

Valor 001384101

ISIN CH0013841017

Lonza's share register contact

Share Register - Registration
c/o Computershare Schweiz AG
P.O. Box
CH-4601 Olten, Switzerland
Tel +41 62 205 7700
Fax +41 62 205 7790

How many shares does Lonza have issued?

The share capital on 31 December 2019 comprised 74,468,752 registered shares (2018: 74,468,752) with a par value of CHF 1 each, amounting to CHF 74,468,752 (2018: CHF 74,468,752).

Registered Shares
2019 2018
Number of shares issued
74,468,752 74,468,752
Number of shares ranking for dividend
74,288,802 74,246,157
Par value per share CHF 1 1
Profit for the period (equity holders of the parent) million CHF 645 559
Diluted profit for the period million CHF 645 559
Ratios per Security
2019 2018
Weighted average number of shares
74,109,308 74,408,243
Diluted weighted average number of shares
74,564,802 74,723,145
Basic earnings per share CHF 8.70 7.51
Diluted earnings per share CHF 8.65 7.48

What is Lonza doing to protect the environment?

We are committed to sustainable development in all its broad and diverse meanings. We aim to create value for society by delivering innovative, science-based solutions for our customers. We strive to reduce our use of natural resources such as water and energy, our carbon footprint and the generation of waste. In our operations, we engage and empower our employees and teams to work towards our Vision Zero – meaning zero workplace injuries, zero manufacturing process incidents, zero emissions beyond regulatory limits and zero transportation incidents. In the workplace, we aim to protect our colleagues as well, by identifying and eliminating potential hazards.

For more information, please visit our Sustainability Report.

What is Lonza's position on corporate governance?

Lonza has implemented modern corporate governance structures to ensure accountability, responsibility and transparency throughout the Group and for its shareholders. Corporate governance reporting is in compliance with the guidelines of SIX Swiss Exchange. Learn more about Lonza's position on Corporate Governance.