Diversity and inclusion

Our organization is built on different experiences and perspectives and we would not be where we are today without that diversity. That is why treating people with respect and dignity is a fundamental requirement at Lonza. We recognize the value of every person’s contribution – regardless of characteristics such as race, color, ethnicity, gender or sexuality. We pride ourselves on being progressive and forward thinking in every aspect of our organization. And when it comes to Diversity & Inclusion, we offer a combination of awareness and education programs, often in partnership with relevant groups and organizations. We have a zero-tolerance approach to harassment and bullying behaviors.

Ethics and corporate responsibility

People choose Lonza for many reasons - the chance to do something good, the chance to work for a purpose, the chance to experience personal growth through professional integrity, the chance to be part of a local community or a member of a global one. Around the world, those reasons are at the core of how we work. They inspire new ways of working - protecting our environment, creating value in our communities and caring for our employees both in and outside of work. Meaningful work is work that makes life better for all of us.

Learn more about Ethics and Compliance at Lonza.

Learning and development

At Lonza you’ll have the opportunity to embark on groundbreaking, meaningful work that will challenge your thinking and stretch your skills. We’re a market leader because we think differently. We push boundaries to solve complex problems. Working with us will help you to build your knowledge and capabilities to achieve the extraordinary.

Our Talent Development approach is not a one-size-fits-all solution. We take a personalized and holistic approach to building teams that work and think together. Each year we identify employees with incredible potential. These employees are placed into programs specifically developed to turn them into our future leaders.

At Lonza your progression is determined by your ambition. Take a look at some of successful career stories from Lonza colleagues.

Our talent philosophy

Performance: We set the bar high and support our people to deliver. Our approach is designed to stimulate curiosity and collaboration.

Professionalism: A professional approach is a given for achieving extraordinary results. How we behave directly influences how we are recognized and how we progress in our careers.

Meritocracy: People who step up and excel will benefit from enhanced rewards and accelerated progression.

Accountability: Managers are evaluated on delivering results as well as their ability to build high quality, collaborative teams.

Transparency: We believe in continuing personal and professional development. This is why we regularly share constructive advice and feedback with employees.

Rewards and benefits

We want everyone who works at Lonza to take pride in their role, take ownership of their responsibilities and drive their career forward. If you achieve these goals, you will be rewarded for your contribution. Along with competitive salaries, you’ll find a wide range of lifestyle, family and leisure benefits available. Depending on your location, these benefits could include family allowances, childcare support, discounts for local businesses and attractions, travel allowances and subsidized meals.

The exact nature of our employment packages varies from country to country, in line with local regulations and market conditions; but wherever you work, you can be confident that if you do a good job, your work will be noticed, appreciated and rewarded.

We’re in the business of health and wellbeing so it would be remiss of us to not look out for our people. We believe in a holistic approach that goes well beyond health and safety commitments. We promote a balanced approach with organized groups and activities designed to maintain our people’s health and happiness.

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