By cultivating relationships and contributing our knowledge, expertise, logistics and financial support, we are creating sustainable value for our communities around the world.

Our sponsoring approach: linked to our businesses

In the communities where we operate, we are much more than a faceless corporation. We are neighbors, a vital source of jobs, a charitable sponsor of local schools and civic and cultural projects, and often a significant contributor to local economies. While our financial donations are vital, our employees also play a critical role by volunteering in programs and projects in our priority areas.

We want to be a reliable, long-term and active partner and to engage at the earliest possible stage of any community project we sponsor in order to optimize the use of available resources. Accordingly, we focus our resources on a small number of selected projects where our engagement can make a significant difference, rather than on a vast number of projects.

If you believe your request falls into one of our four focus areas:

Sponsorship Request

Our approach to sponsorship

We are committed to sustainable values, which include investing in our people, our communities, responsible sourcing, as well as environment, health and safety. Investing in communities includes, among others, the civic commitment by us to contribute to a transparent dialogue on topics that are relevant to us, our business and constituencies and our employees and stakeholders. This includes our right, much like it is the right of any individual and entity, to express our views and to pursue our interest.

In line with such civic commitment, we adhere to the following principles:

  • We do not directly fund political parties or election campaigns of persons or political parties.
  • We may support political issues if they correspond to the company’s targets or if they are in line with important interests of ours.
  • We are committed to voice its views and pursue its interests, much like any other member of society. For this purpose, we may actively engage in the political decision-making process, always in line with its company purpose. It may do so directly or through industry associations.
  • We further support the civic engagement of our employees, and in particular the engagement in taking public offices that are in the interest of the public and are for modest compensation. The rules are set out in the respective employee regulation and apply independently of person and political preferences.