Ensure speed to clinic and to market with our bespoke and tailored development and manufacturing programs

The growing promise of biopharmaceuticals opens significant commercial opportunities for drug developers. At the same time, it also increases the pressure to rapidly bring candidates to the clinic and therapies to market.

To accelerate your path to your next milestone, we offer programs for the entire lifecycle of any molecule type, from preclinical to commercial stages, from drug substance to drug product.

Depending on the needs of your molecule and your priorities in terms of timelines, yield optimization and risk, we can leverage our global network and capabilities to offer bespoke and tailored programs:

Clinic to Market Programs

  • Tailorable IND to BLA program
  • Tailorable commercial program
  • Ibex® Dedicate

The variety of our offerings provides the flexibility of a complete program or the option to drop in at a later stage depending where you are in your journey.

To design your molecule’s program, contact us

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Access our end-to-end portfolio of services to quickly and efficiently develop and manufacture any type of mammalian derived biopharmaceuticals

As you move your molecule from the research phase into clinical and commercial manufacturing, key challenges to be addressed include the need to maintain high productivity, product quality and reproducibility. A successful outcome will often require significant technical expertise and advanced development and manufacturing technologies.

In our extensive services portfolio, we use advanced technologies and decades of know-how to quickly and efficiently develop and manufacture biotherapeutics such as monoclonal antibodies, bispecific antibodies, Fabs, fusion proteins, scaffolds and other recombinant proteins.

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Seven sites across the world are continuously expanding to support your regional clinical and commercial needs

We develop and produce mammalian-derived biopharmaceuticals in highly advanced cGMP multi-product facilities, in a global network across three continents: America, Europe and Asia.

We work with clients of all sizes, from small biotech to multi-national pharmaceutical companies, tailoring our services to meet your specific needs. We are committed to your success to help you meet your product and company milestones.

Shaped Around You

During drug development, it is critical to balance risk with time and costs. We understand the complexity of building such optimal paths. By offering flexibility on your journey to IND, we can shape our process around your molecule’s profile, critical milestones and company’s needs.

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