Public Relations Manager and Trade Media Lead, Lonza Basel (CH)


Martina is from Slovakia and moved to Basel (CH) to complete her PhD studies. After finishing 2.5 years ago, she joined Lonza Drug Product Services as a forensic chemist and later moved on to the Communications department. Apart from being a scientist, Martina is also a science communicator and social media influencer with over 31'500 people following her Instagram account She is a science journalist, writing popular science articles about chemistry, physics and mental health for international magazines and newspapers.

I chose Lonza because...
My motivation was to learn new techniques and analytical methods. Thanks to Lonza, I got to work on interesting projects related to patient healthcare and safety. 

How have you progressed your career since you started at Lonza?
I initially joined Lonza DSP as an intern. I found the work so stimulating and fulfilling, that I happily joined my team as a full employee. Two years later, science communication started calling my name and I decided to leave the lab bench and focus on my passion for writing, social media, and communication full time.

What makes it special to work at Lonza?
The atmosphere I am experiencing here is amazing. We get to work on challenging and stimulating projects in our support of our pharma and biotech customers, advancing their molecules into an effective and safe patient treatment. Being a part of a cross-functional team, we provide support in many areas, such as our R&D, marketing, HR, and many others. My work is enjoyable and I feel that we make a meaningful difference every day.

My work is meaningful because…
In my current role, I support various trade media requests, provide a key point of contact between the business units and the central communications team. I create engaging scientific content for various platforms of Lonza and host a podcast aimed at communicating pharma and biotech trends. I love and enjoy every last bit of it!
What makes you feel good at the end of the working day?

Knowing that my work helps to position Lonza as a key CMDO player and that our contribution to tech and health advancements are seen and appreciated.

What do you find most exciting about working at Lonza?
One of the best things is that I can unleash my creativity and do what I love – communicate science and technology advancements to a wide audience.

What do you most appreciate about your team?

I enjoy the interactive set-up of our team, the broad expertise and all the fun we have working together.

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