Process Chemist, Pharma Manufacturing Science and Technology, Visp, Switzerland
Joined in 2018

Since I started at Lonza, I have been entrusted to independently pursue my own ideas within Lonza’s science-driven, innovation-fueling culture. Alongside my team of scientists and technicians, I have been able to apply my skills as a synthetic chemist while being given ever-expanding responsibilities on a wide range of projects.

For example, I recently led the time-sensitive development of a new chemical process for the production of a COVID 19 drug substance. We successfully conducted a direct scale-up from laboratory to ton-scale manufacturing at breakneck speed. The relationship of trust and collaboration developed throughout this endeavor was highly rewarding, and motivated me to always push the boundaries of what is achievable.

Every day I come to the lab and there are new challenges waiting for me - from undiscovered or unexpected chemical reactions, to far reaching topics on a strategic level. To me, enabling a healthier world means producing pharmaceuticals to serve patients in need while striving for constant improvements in quality, safety, and sustainability.

Get to know: Alberto

Coffee or tea: Coffee

Cats or dogs: Dogs

Favorite movie: il Buono il Brutto e il Cattivo

Karaoke song: Azzurro

One item you would take to a desert island: Water purifier

Person you would most want to sit by on a plane: The pilot

Superpower you would choose: Teleportation

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