At Lonza we strongly believe in learning on-the-job and encouraging responsibility from day one. An apprenticeship with Lonza offers all that and more. In Visp, we offer apprentice programs across 16 different professions that help start a brilliant career in the healthcare sector:

  • Plant and Apparatus Engineer
  • Apparatus Glassblower
  • Automation Technician
  • Chemical and Pharmaceutical Technologist
  • Electrician
  • Computer Scientist
  • Commercial / Business roles
  • Design Engineer
  • Laboratory Assistant Biology
  • Laboratory Assistant Chemistry
  • Logistics Technician
  • Assembly Electrician
  • Polymechanic
  • Production Mechanic
  • Our apprenticeship programs are suitable for:

    • School leavers
    • People looking to upskill, train or retrain in a specific area
    • Career changers

    We have successfully delivered apprenticeship programs for many years. We were the first in the canton of Valais to receive a "Great Start" certificate in 2019, awarded by Great Place to Work® Switzerland. As part of the certification process, nine out of ten apprentices describe Lonza as a very good place to train and recommend Lonza Visp as a great place to learn and work.

    At the beginning of August each year, more that 70 new apprentices start their training in Visp. Up to two thirds of apprentices stay with Lonza and some return for further study. We are currently training ~250 apprentices at our Visp site.

    Many of our business leaders began their careers as apprentices and have subsequently built successful careers in research, manufacturing and other fields.

    If you are interested in joining you can complete a trial apprenticeship (“Schnupperlehre”) and start your career with us.

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    Internships can be invaluable when you are not sure about the field you want to focus on. Our internship options are a fantastic way to experience the breadth of our business, improve your level of understanding and enhance your future employment prospects. At Lonza Visp we have a number of interesting internship opportunities available across different areas of our business, ranging from three to twelve months in length.

    Our internship programs are suitable for:

    • Students and Graduates
    • People looking to upskill, train or retrain in a specific area
    • Career changers

    Check our current student/graduate/apprentice jobs in Visp below: