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Lonza Visp is the largest and oldest site in a global network of more than 30 sites and one of the most significant for research and development and manufacturing.

Located in the German-speaking part of the canton of Valais in Switzerland, our site in Visp includes a number of industry-leading facilities specializing in the development and manufacture of products for pharmaceutical applications. Products manufactured in Visp include mammalian and microbial biopharmaceuticals, small molecules, highly potent APIs, peptides and bioconjugates including antibody-drug conjugates (ADCs).

It is also home to our pioneering Ibex® Solutions offering. Ibex® Solutions enables customers to accelerate their path throughout the biopharmaceutical lifecycle - from preclinical to commercial stages, from drug substance to drug product, all in one location.

Making a Meaningful Difference

Our people are at the center of our business. Working for Lonza is a chance to enable a healthier world. We do not just work in the life sciences industries, we are transforming them.

Joining our team in Visp is an opportunity to further your career at a global company, while enjoying the community, culture and fresh air of the Valais in southern Switzerland. For our employees, Visp and Lonza provide the best of both worlds.

One Community One Future One Goal
~4,500 employees ~230 apprentices
170 products
~70 nationalities 16 teaching positions
90 plants

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Our Offering

Small Molecules

At Lonza Visp, we have decades of experience in manufacturing Small Molecules. In 2020, our first ever Small Molecules manufacturing plant celebrated its fiftieth anniversary. This facility laid the foundation for our growth into the pharmaceutical and custom synthesis market. Visp is a hub for the production of intermediates, active ingredients, drug substances and drug products to make patients' lives safer and healthier. We manufacture more than 300 commercial drug applications. We are also home to multiple research, and development and manufacturing complexes for chemical synthesis and biotech production and host a Center of Excellence for highly potent API development and manufacturing.

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At Lonza Visp, our extensive portfolio of CDMO services includes products such as monoclonal antibodies, complex proteins and recombinant proteins. Our innovative Ibex® Solutions helps our customers increase speed to market. By integrating customer-specific production facilities into an existing constructed shell with the appropriate infrastructure, projects can be completed in shorter timeframes. The modular design also allows flexibility, helping us to deliver therapies at pace and scale. We are currently growing our Visp offering to include biotechnological production services, from small quantity clinical trials to commercial production.

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Our History

Founded in 1897 with a small power plant on the banks of the Lonza River in Gampel (Valais, Switzerland), Lonza moved to Visp in 1907. The move enabled our business to scale up our operations and drive our success and growth through the Twentieth Century. Today we are a dedicated strategic manufacturing partner to the healthcare industry, working with customers in the pharma, biotech and nutrition markets.

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Our Leadership

The Visp Site Leadership Team is responsible for overseeing the Visp business.

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