Material Planner Supply Chain, Stein
Joined in 2021

I started as an Intern at Lonza in December 2021, supporting the Vendor Supply Chain Integrity (VSCI) project, and now I am a Material Planner in the Supply Chain Department.

My main responsibilities are managing the Vendor Supply Chain Integrity (VSCI), Sales order management, SAP material number generation, purchase order generation, supporting and managing the Supplier/Service Provider Assessment (SSPAR) processes.

I am very proud of working in Lonza, where it helped me grow both professionally and personally, and as I often say to my coworkers: I do come to work not because “I have to” but because “I want to”. I am passionate about what I do and what the company does.

What I appreciate the most is the work environment: Lonza supports and encourages each employee’s opinion. I work with talented people every day, where I make a meaningful difference.

German version

Get to know: Connie

Coffee or tea? Tea

Cats or dogs? Dogs

Favorite movie? Any

Your favorite karaoke song? “My heart will go on”

Item you’d take to a desert island? A book

Person you would most want to sit by on a plane? My dad

Superpower you would choose? To make the world peaceful, no wars

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