Process Expert Drug Product, Stein, CH

I am a Process Expert (PE) for Drug Product at Lonza in Stein and joined the company in July 2021. Lonza is in a strong growth phase and invests a lot, which had a lot of appeal to me. I wanted a position where I knew I could work for many years, and Lonza offered me exactly that.

As a PE, I am an key part of the production process and the primary point of contact for questions about processes, procedures, or issue resolution. My responsibilities include overseeing a production line, troubleshooting, addressing deviations and conducting investigations. Over time, I have become the lead process owner for one of the production lines, and I continue to deepen my knowledge of the processes every day. I am motivated to continue overseeing production and become an expert in syringe lines.

The production line I am responsible for is Lonza's first filling line worldwide, which means that we are starting a new chapter in bringing medicine to people and can help many patients. I am proud to be part of a company that is committed to creating a healthier world.

It motivates me to see Lonza investing in Stein, hiring new employees, and creating new workspaces. The uniqueness of Lonza and my team is what makes the whole package for me. I am excited about the future of Lonza and my career.

Outside of work, I attend yoga classes to relax and keep my body fit.

German version

Get to know: Charminy

Coffee or tea? Tea

Cats or dogs? Dog

One item you would take to a desert island? I would trade that item for my husband.

Person you would most want to sit by on a plane? My parents and my husband.

Superpower you would choose? Indulging in food without gaining weight.

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