Capex Project Manager, Engineering, Hayward, California (US)
Joined in 2017

The complexity and scale of the engineering projects stands out at Lonza. You have the opportunity to challenge the status quo and introduce new equipment that is key to improving throughput and supporting platform technologies.

My journey to my current role began when Lonza acquired the Hayward site in 2017. I accepted an opportunity to serve on the transition team as a project manager. My involvement in planning and implementing the required capital projects was a stepping stone to joining the Engineering team as a Capital Project Manager.

My motivation comes from knowing that at the end of the day, everyone goes home to their loved ones - whether it is the construction crew after performing their work safely, team members who collaborate on the day’s deliverables, or the patients who rely on the products we make.

My current project has shown me how Lonza works globally to achieve our targets – not just how growth is managed locally, but how Hayward grows within the global Lonza network. I am excited that the skills I have are important to the whole business, both at Hayward and beyond.

Get to know: Lisa

Coffee or tea: Coffee

Cats or dogs: Dogs

Favorite movie: The Maltese Falcon

Karaoke song: Mamma Mia

One item you would take to a desert island: Sunglasses

Person you would most want to sit by on a plane: Michelle Obama

Superpower you would choose: Invisibility

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