Site Quality Head, Lexington, MA (US)
Joined in 2019

My career journey at Lonza has moved quickly. I started in 2019 as a Computer Systems Validation Manager, was promoted to Head of Validation, and have since joined Lonza Cell and Gene Therapies (CGT) in Lexington as Site Quality Head.

Lonza is different than any other company I have ever worked for. Our people are some of the smartest, most capable people I have encountered in industry, and I am truly proud to be part of such a great team. With our willingness to learn and help each other, I do not think there is anything we cannot achieve.

As Head of Validation, I managed computerized systems, cleaning and equipment validation. The most interesting part of my job was how many systems and people I could reach in the span of a single workday. Validation has a focus on creativity, with innovative solutions developed for real-time data capture and analysis, and new efficient strategies based on decades of historical data.

My teams ensure we are delivering quality products, on time and in a state of control. This is how we enable a healthier world. I am ready to take part in the continued growth and success of the company, particularly in my new role within CGT.

Get to know: Catherine

Coffee or tea: Coffee

Cats or dogs: Both (cats if I had to choose)

Favorite movie: The Big Lebowski

Karaoke song: Stay (Lisa Loeb)

One item you would take to a desert island: My guitar

Person you would most want to sit by on a plane: Noam Chomsky or Jane Goodall

Superpower you would choose: Invisibility

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