25 Sep 2014
Lonza Launches Worldwide Licensing Options for Its Chemical Microreaction Technology
  • The Microreaction Technology (MRT) platform now offers research and commercial licensing options, allowing customers access to Lonza’s chemical technology for internal development and manufacture
  •  The MRT Research Evaluation Agreement includes access to Lonza’s proprietary operating procedures, process protocols and algorithms for early candidate assessment using the FlowPlate® Microreactor Platform
  •  A manufacturing license enables customers to manufacture a single product at their own facility


Basel, Switzerland, 25 September 2014 – Lonza, a world leader in the development of flow chemistry processes for the manufacture of fine chemicals and APIs, announced today two new licensing options for its Microreaction Technology (MRT) Platform. This is the latest addition to our award-winning MRT offering, which includes Lonza’s FlowPlate® Reactors. The reactors are available in four sizes, with innovative milli- and micro-channel designs. This technology has already been used to develop multiple small-molecule and peptide products.

“Our customers will benefit from these chemical technology licenses for their product development and manufacturing needs,” said Karen Fallen, Vice President of Licensing, Lonza Custom Development Services. “The new licensing options will enable our customers to evaluate the MRT Platform with increased control and oversight of their product throughout its lifecycle.”

 The key benefits of the new Research Evaluation Agreement (REA) include access to Lonza’s extensive know-how and patents in microreaction technology, in addition to the FlowPlate® Reactors. Customers will receive the FlowPlate® Lab platform processes for set-up, scale-up, and system operation, along with world-class technical support. These platform protocols will support faster initial process development and ultimately shorten the time to large-scale production.

As compared with traditional chemical-batch processing, the increased reaction specificity achieved with Lonza’s Microreaction Technology has been shown to result in better yields, therefore ultimately reducing cost of goods.  Additionally, the MRT platform provides options for fast, flexible scale-up contributing to shortened development timelines for a significant advantage in the development and manufacture of drug candidates.

For more information on the Lonza’s Microreaction Technology and licensing options, please visit us at www.lonza.com/mrt .