29 Apr 2024
Lonza Launches AI-Enabled Route Scouting Service to Accelerate Small Molecule Development
  • New advanced technology-enabled offering aims to streamline synthetic route identification for novel active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs)
  • The AI-driven route design technology combines Lonza's synthesis and supply chain expertise with Elsevier's AI technology

Basel, Switzerland, 29 April 2024 - Lonza, a global partner to the pharmaceutical, biotech and nutraceutical markets, today announced the launch of its AI-enabled Route Scouting Service offering. The offering aims to streamline synthetic route identification for novel APIs by combining Lonza's global chemical supply chain intelligence and in-house expertise with AI technology from Elsevier (Reaxys).

The complexity of small molecule APIs entering the development pipeline is steadily increasing, and the intricate structures of modern drug candidates are driving an increase in the number of synthetic steps required to produce them. More synthetic steps can result in longer lead times and a need to manage more raw materials. These factors increase the time and cost of developing an effective synthesis and potentially extend the time to clinical trial readiness.

The new Route Scouting Service offering combines Lonza's process R&D expertise and supply chain databases with AI-enabled computer-aided synthesis planning technology (CSPT). With access to global chemical supply chain intel and the predictive power of award-winning AI, the new offering provides synthetic pathways that are more supply chain resilient and offer insights for optimal route design on both clinical and commercial manufacturing. The integrated service can provide intellectual property, reduce COGS and improve supply chain security for customers.

Simon Wagschal, Associate Director, Advanced Chemistry Technologies, Small Molecules R&D, Lonza, commented: "Robust retrosynthesis is key in creating efficient, scalable syntheses for novel drug candidates. Today, researchers benefit from using CSPTs with analytical search and powerful predictive capabilities. By integrating our unique supply chain insights and predictions reflecting Lonza's decades of experience and knowledge of clinical and commercial manufacturing, global sourcing of raw materials and intermediates, our new Route Scouting Service helps chemistry, manufacturing and control teams overcome the challenge of rising API complexity."

Juergen Swienty-Busch, Director of Product Management for Chemistry, Elsevier Information Systems, added: "We are thrilled that Reaxys and Reaxys predictive retrosynthesis are playing an important role in Lonza's capability to deliver an extraordinary service. This successful implementation underscores our commitment to providing cutting-edge solutions that not only meet but exceed the needs of our customers and partners."

Additional Information

To find out more about the new Route Scouting Service, please visit: www.lonza.com/small-molecules/drug-substance/route-scouting-service