AI-enabled Route Scouting Service

Accelerate route selection and process development for the synthesis of your API. Lonza's AI-enabled Route Scouting Service combines extensive, proprietary commercial data in the industry-leading computer-aided synthesis planning technology. Our experts use this capability to ensure that partners access optimal synthetic pathways to their drug candidates, have more resilient raw material supply chains, and experience accelerated process R&D startup times.
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We’re bringing real-world chemical information from many disparate locations and forms and structuring it in a way that helps our experts find shorter and more economical paths from starting materials to APIs.

— Dr. Simon Wagschal, Associate Director, Advanced Chemistry Technologies, Lonza Small Molecules

Meet the Expert

Dr. Simon Wagschal
Associate Director, Advanced Chemistry Technologies

Simon Wagschal currently works within Lonza’s Advanced Chemistry Technologies team. Prior to this, he worked within Janssen External R&D team, focusing on compounds in early development and delivering GxP batches at CRO partners.

Simon earned his Ph.D. in 2010 from École Polytechnique, Paris, France, under the supervision of Prof. El Kaïm and Prof. Grimaud. He then delved into organometallic chemistry during his postdoctoral stay with the Kündig group in Geneva, Switzerland.

Simon Wagschal

Meet the Expert

Aaron Johnson
Cheminformatics Data Scientist

Aaron Johnson is a cheminformatics data scientist in Lonza’s Small Molecules R&D team. With a versatile background in both chemistry and computer science, he fluently bridges the gap between these disciplines. Aaron’s work applies the latest advances in data science and cheminformatics to solving problems and accelerating product development in the pharmaceutical industry.

Aaron Johnson
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