Sustainability is at the forefront of the way Lonza runs its business. Thanks to its Vision Zero initiative, the company aspires to reduce emissions, raw material consumption and waste. Lonza has a history of recovering and recycling solvents. As solvent recovery can have a huge impact on carbon emission reduction efforts, the company is doing its best to recycle solvents wherever possible, and reduce waste further.

In this webinar, we will describe why solvent recovery is such an important way to achieve significant reductions in carbon emissions. We will look at the methods used to evaluate, design, and implement solvent recovery processes. We will also highlight the substantial CO2 reductions that Lonza has been able to achieve, and how we measure them.

Key Learning Objectives: 

  • Find out more about Lonza Small Molecules’ approach to sustainability 
  • Learn about the methodology Lonza uses for solvent recovery 
  • Discover how solvent recovery can lead to significant CO2 reduction
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