Multiparticulate technology is seeing increasing use in the pharmaceutical industry to enable modified release, high dose, and age-appropriate dosage forms. Familiarity with key concepts in technology selection, development, scale up and commercialization paths available for multiparticulate intermediates can be a barrier when deciding whether a multiparticulate approach might be enabling for your compound. This webinar is aimed at guiding formulators and CMC leads on decision criteria for selecting or excluding a multiparticulate approach in early phase development. Formulation and process selection will be discussed for key application areas of this technology, with a forward-looking view on the commercialization paths available. After watching this webinar, viewers will have a working knowledge of multiparticulate technology selection, development, and scale up paths, and commercial manufacturing options for this important class of pharmaceutical dosage forms. In particular, Lonza’s commercial melt-spray-congeal, fluid bed coating, and encapsulation technologies will be highlighted.

Key Learning Objectives

  •  Understand decision criteria in technology selection for multiparticulates – where it can help, and where it won’t.
  • Develop a working knowledge of development and scale-up concepts for multiparticulate intermediates.
  • Understand the commercialization options available for key application areas.
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