A key benefit of allogeneic cell therapy is that it provides a substantial and economical cost structure, increasing the ability to treat larger patient populations. As allogeneic cell therapy continues its exponential growth, a scale-appropriate model in early development stages for clinical trials, whilst aiding a smooth transition to large-scale cell manufacturing when necessary, is required.

During this webinar, our experts discuss how to achieve your therapeutic and commercial goals utilizing a tried-and-tested standardized approach, combined with the latest technology and reliable analytics.

You will learn about:

  • Challenges associated with allogeneic cell therapy manufacturing
  • How to successfully move through the product lifecycle using the latest technology combined with a tried-and-tested standardized approach
  • How a stirred tank bioreactor platform can enable the transition to large-scale cell manufacturing designed to treat larger patient populations

Speakers: Inbar Friedrich Ben-Nun, Director CGT Research and Development; Marcos Langtry, Head of Commercial Development Allogeneic; Krishna Panchalingam, Associate Director Development Services CGT

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