This is part two of the survey.

Part one can be found here.


Polysorbate (PS) 20 and 80 are the main surfactants used to stabilize biopharmaceutical products. Industry practices on various aspects of PS based on a confidential survey and following discussions by 16 globally acting major biotechnology companies is presented in two publications. Part 1 summarizes the current practice and use of PS during manufacture in addition to aspects like current understanding of the (in)stability of PS, the routine QC testing and control of PS, and selected regulatory aspects of PS.1

The current part 2 of the survey focusses on understanding, monitoring, prediction, and mitigation of PS degradation pathways in order to propose an effective control strategy. The results of the survey and extensive cross-company discussions are put into relation with currently available scientific literature.

Michael Jahn, Ph.D, Director, Head Forensic Chemistry
Virginie Le Brun, Associate Director, Formulation Development

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