Overcoming the challenges of transferring complex biological products

The biopharmaceutical industry has seen many challenges in the last few years, spawned not just by a global pandemic but also the industry-wide disruption of operational and supply chain strategies that emerged in its aftermath.

Now, as pipelines continue to fill with complex new modalities, more manufacturers are turning to CDMOs to take advantage of cutting-edge technologies, advanced expertise, and available capacity that can improve their response time in the face of changing market trends.

As a result, the pool of CDMO options is growing, intensifying the need by manufacturers to better understand the checklist of qualities and capabilities they’ll need their next partner to possess.

In this white paper

  • Overview of tech transfers
  • Challenges of tech transfers
  • The importance of knowledge transfer
  • Why on-site visits are important
  • Lonza's holistic approach to tech transfers
  • A CDMO for the future
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