Manufacturing Project Specialist, Houston, TX (US)
Joined in 2019

As the world’s largest dedicated cell and gene therapy manufacturing facility, Lonza Houston was the perfect place to start my career in biopharma. I joined as a technician on our key gene therapy commercial project, and I have already progressed to Manufacturing Project Specialist.

This project is fundamentally important to the success of Lonza Houston. Every day, our team is working to ensure we produce effective, safe products for the patients who need them most. It is a big motivation to know that we are helping people enjoy a healthy lifestyle again with their loved ones.

I am inspired by seeing the hard work and dedication everyone on the team puts into each product batch. Whenever someone needs support to overcome a challenge, colleagues are there to provide the help and guidance needed. Everyone is doing their bit to bring our product to patients. With so much growth to come at Lonza, I am looking forward to what is next for the Houston team and for my career.

Get to know: Nicholas

Coffee or tea: Coffee

Cats or dogs: Dogs

Favorite movie: Big Daddy

Karaoke song: Mr. Brightside

One item you would take to a desert island: Surfboard

Person you would most want to sit by on a plane: Someone that’s asleep

Superpower you would choose: Super strength

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