Lead Production, Stein, Switzerland
Joined in 2019

I joined Lonza in August 2019 as an Operator. I transitioned into the role of Shift Lead in January 2023, where I lead the compounding team. Our primary functions are preparation, production, and follow-up activities of various batches. We always try to improve the processes to consume less water or energy to protect the environment.

As a shift lead, I work with project managers to optimize operational processes. The primary focus is to generate medicines that may improve and preserve lives.

Lonza is a company investing a lot for the future and in many new large projects where we can contribute our expertise. I value being part of a friendly team where everyone is helpful and treats each other with respect; it truly enhances our work environment.

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Get to know: Marco

Coffee or tea? Coffee

Cats or dogs? Cats

Your favorite movie? Historical films

Your favorite karaoke song? Hits of the 90s

Item you would take to a desert island? Tool case

Person you would most want to sit by on a plane? Wife and children.

Superpower you would choose? Time travel

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