MSAT Expert Drug Product, Stein Switzerland
Joined in 2021

Since joining the Manufacturing Science and Technology (MSAT) team in Drug Product Services at Lonza, I have engaged with diverse scientific and engineering topics and collaborated with various internal and external stakeholders. MSAT leads projects to improve and expand our manufacturing capabilities. One of my main responsibilities is the successful Drug Product Manufacturing process transfer and implementation at our manufacturing site.

At Lonza’s Drug Product manufacturing site in Stein, we support our customers in delivering life-changing medicines and manufacturing new, promising medicines. The daily dynamics of our work are determined by the diverse scientific knowledge and industry experiences that each team member contributes.

Working at Lonza is an exciting journey as we continually realign with current market and customer needs. It offers me a variety of professional and personal opportunities to grow in my current role and if desired explore alternative career paths within the company.

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Get to know: Kathrin

Coffee or tea? Coffee, strong!

Cats or dogs? In any case, dogs

Your favorite movie? All kinds of travel stories

Your favorite karaoke song? Summer of 69

Item you would take to a desert island? Swiss pocket knife

Person you would most want to sit by on a plane? No one, I would rather have some extra space.

Superpower you would choose? Serenity in all circumstances

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