Analytical Chemist, Quality Control, Bend, Oregon (US)
Joined in 2017

I grew up in Bend. Back in the 3rd grade, I attended a science night at Bend Research (which has since become Lonza Bend) and from that moment I aspired to work at the company. It is inspiring to know little business I knew as a child has grown into a pinnacle of the community. I am excited to see how we will continue providing new Spray Dry Dispersion solutions to the pharmaceutical world.

My current role in Quality Control focuses on ensuring the raw materials we use to make drugs are up to specification. The job I do allows us to deliver products with confidence in their safety and efficacy. I quickly progressed to this role after starting as a contingent chemist – the goal is to reach senior level soon.

Career development is fast because we are fortunate to work on different types of drugs which require such different treatments in the lab. This variety also makes the role interesting, as you never know what you are going to get – or what impact you will make. For example, I got to lead on bringing our acetone compendial tests in-house, which has greatly reduced turnaround times.

My colleagues at Bend make it a pleasure to be here. I have a great relationship with the operations team, and really appreciate how we work together to get results. People here put a lot into creating a healthy, fun work environment. No job is perfect, but we keep each other positive and looking forward to the next day. Also, we are in a beautiful part of Oregon. On the weekends, you will find me fishing, hiking and hanging out with my dogs.

Get to know: Hailey

Coffee or tea? Coffee

Cats or dogs? Definitely dogs

Favorite movie? Anything Adam Sandler

Karaoke song? Bohemian Rhapsody

One item you would take to a desert island? Fishing pole

Person you would most want to sit by on a plane? My boyfriend

Superpower you would choose? Flight

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