Senior Data Scientist Ibex™ Solutions, Lonza Visp (CH)

Echrak is originally from Tunisia. She has a PhD in Biomedical Engineering and works as a senior data scientist for Ibex™ Solutions driving the digitalization of the Process Development department at Lonza Visp.

I chose Lonza because...
Lonza has a reputation for manufacturing high quality products that fully stand for ''the Swiss made'' label, I was curious to know the recipe behind this success. More to that, with ibex, Lonza offers a new business model driven by innovation and agility and being a part of this big project can be challenging but also represents an incredible opportunity to grow.

What makes it special to work at Lonza?
I would say the commitment of employees at all levels to work, and their dedication to Lonza. Of course, I cannot forget to mention the beautiful site; we are literally surrounded by mountains and have sun all the time. These are incredible productivity boosters!

What impact does your role have on the business, your colleagues or other stakeholders you can think of?
Implementing innovative digital strategies and efficient data infrastructure helps employees streamline daily workflows and explore new horizons enabled by data analytics.

What makes you feel good at the end of the working day?

Achieving what I planned, having a good conversation with a colleague, hitting a project's milestone on time and most importantly knowing that what I do does not only have a positive impact on my colleagues projects but also on our customers experience.

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