Training Manager, Site Leadership Team, Stein, Switzerland
Joined in 2020

I joined Lonza because I could see the potential for growth. Even so, I never imagined such fast progression to where I am today. Since arriving, I have been able to learn something new every day. The amount that I have experienced in such a short space of time is incredible.

In my current role I am responsible for the training in the Stein plant, which also includes the site-specific GMP onboarding procedure for the new hires. I have also built up the apprenticeship training at Drug Product Services and have taken over administrative responsibilities for their vocational training. It is my job to ensure that our employees are properly trained on a continuous basis – it is fundamentally important to delivering the highest quality medicines to our customers and their patients.

During the pandemic, it became impossible to train larger populations on site. Within a very short amount of time, we therefore created our own online programs to train colleagues securely, independent of time and location. In my eyes, this is just a small example of what also distinguishes us: collaboration, agility and the ability to make quick decisions.

I am really excited about what the future holds and what role I can play at Lonza. We have a bright future, and the chance to help shape it.

Get to know: David

Coffee or tea: Self-made ginger tea with citron juice and honey

Cats or dogs: Big love for dogs

Favorite movie: Interstellar or Inception

Karaoke song: Smells Like Teen Spirit

One item you would take to a desert island: My glasses, otherwise I’d be blind

Person you would most want to sit by on a plane: The pilot, to make sure that I’m not stranded on that deserted island

Superpower you would choose: The ability to speak any language

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