The best of both worlds

Joining us in Visp is the way to enjoy the best of both worlds. There is the opportunity to work with inspiring colleagues in a world-class science and technology facility, as well as being able to enjoy an amazing lifestyle that comes from making your home in the Swiss Alps.

Now is an exciting time to join our team in Visp. We have long been a center of excellence in the manufacture of pharmaceutical and biotech products.The launch of Ibex™ Solutions is the start of a new chapter in the Lonza story.

You’ll find everything you need for a fulfilling career and a rewarding life in the Valais. Watch our video to find out what it’s really like to live and work here.

Working in Visp

Groundbreaking technology, breathtaking scenery

Our site is based in the town of Visp, in the Valais Canton of southern Switzerland. Surrounded by the majestic Swiss Alps, the site is the heart of our business – the place from which we grew from a local business to a multinational company with a presence across the globe.

There are numerous R&D and manufacturing complexes for pharmaceutical and biotech production on the site, which include world-class laboratories, technologies and machinery. As a center of excellence, it is an inspiring place to work.

The team in Visp is welcoming and open, and the working style is collaborative. There are experts in many fields to learn from and share knowledge with. You’ll also find a strong sense of family. No-one ever feels on their own when facing a challenge, and employees talk about the feeling of being part of something bigger.

Visp is a growing site within the expanding our global business. As we have ambitious plans, you will have a bright future ahead if you are keen to develop and progress. There are many career paths to follow in Visp or the wider business, as either a specialist or a manager and leader.

Ibex™ Solutions

It's time to revolutionize biotech

Ibex™ is a campus of five state-of-the-art manufacturing complexes that provides biopharma customers with agile capability from late discovery to clinical and commercial manufacturing.

Through this unique concept, we are revolutionizing the pharma sector. Customers with urgent needs can now harness our expertise to produce high-quality new medicines, while reducing costs and increasing the speed to market.

Ibex™ has a central role in our future. Significant resources have been invested in the infrastructure, which will be an incredible working environment. There is a big sense of excitement across the whole Visp site and workforce.

We’re building a multi-talented team who will thrive on the challenge of making Ibex™ a success. You’ll find plenty of potential for your career here.

We currently have opportunities to make your mark in teams including various roles in Operations, Technology Transfer, Quality Assurance and Quality Control as well as a Biotechnologist in our new state of the art laboratories.

Life in the Valais

Live where others vacation

Joining us in Visp means changing more than your employer. Moving to our region will offer you a whole new lifestyle – relaxed, healthy, close to nature.

The majority of our employees at Visp reside in the surrounding area of the Valais Canton. It is a beautiful part of the world and a paradise for winter sports, with the Alpine slopes just a short drive away. There is also hiking, running, cycling, climbing and much more in the summer. The views are incredible.

The food and wine in the region are also major attractions. This may not be a place that you would associate with grape-growing, but you will find Europe’s highest vineyards here. Some of the team even have their own vines.

The Valais is most definitely a family-friendly location. The outdoor style of living is great for kids, and there are good schools and amenities within easy reach. Plus, the cost of living is lower than in other parts of Switzerland. Whenever things do feel a little quiet, the cities of Berne (1hr) and Zurich (2hrs) are within easy reach. You could even be sipping an espresso in Milan in just over two hours.

As there are good travel links, a number of employees do choose to commute from outside the Valais. The Swiss rail network is fast and efficient, and commuting by road is also an option.

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