Proven analytical capabilities for ADC manufacturing

We are recognized for our industry-leading expertise. Our clients get access to a global network of development and manufacturing sites in North America, Europe and Asia. A dedicated team will support you with new method development or optimization, method transfers and qualification/validation:

  • Cleaning (swab/rinse by TOC; conductivity)
  • Complete analytical development packages
  • DS/DP release testing and stability testing

And much more.

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Complete access to a broad range of analytical techniques

For your ADC drug substance and drug product release and stability testing stages, we provide you with access to our team, and a range of analytical approaches, including:

  • HPLC (e.g. SEC, HIC, RP)
  • CE (e.g. CE-SDS)
  • icIEF (charge heterogeneity)
  • LC-MS
  • UV (e.g. for protein concentration)
  • Cell-based potency assays, including establishment of cell banks

And much more.

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Our locations

Locations where this service is provided

Visp, Switzerland

Founded in 1897, Lonza today is a dedicated strategic manufacturing partner to the healthcare industry, working with customers in the pharma, biotech and nutrition markets. Visp remains our largest site in a global network of more than 30 sites and one of the most significant for research and development and manufacturing.

Our Visp site is a complex of industry-leading facilities specializing in the development and manufacture of products for pharmaceutical applications including mammalian and microbial biopharmaceuticals, small molecules, highly potent APIs, peptides and bioconjugates including antibody-drug conjugates (ADCs). It is also home to our pioneering Ibex® Solutions services offering. Ibex® Solutions enables customers to accelerate their path throughout the complete biopharmaceutical lifecycle - from preclinical to commercial stages, from drug substance to drug product, all in one location.

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