Capital Markets Day - Lead Pic

Capital Markets Day 2018

Our next Capital Markets Day will take place in September 2018. Further information following soon.    


Capital Markets Day 2016

The Capital Markets Day 2016 took place in Portsmouth, NH on 27 October 2016. Richard Ridinger and his colleagues of the executive committee introduced the Healthcare Continuum and how Lonza plans to grow alongside it.  

Find below all relevant documents:  

  • Introduction to the Healthcare continuum - Richard Ridinger CEO (PDF)
  • Transforming Lonza Specialty Ingredients into a Modern Chemicals Business - Sven Abend COO LSI (PDF)
  • Pharma&BIotech's role in the Healthcare Continuum - Marc Funk COO LPB (PDF)
  • Financing Growth in the Healthcare Continuum - Rodolfo Savitzky CFO (PDF)


For more information please contact Investor Relations.