Warsaw, Poland

Lonza AG
Representation Office in Poland
01-651 Warszawa
ul. Gwiaździsta 71 
Tel +48 22 833 87 45
Fax +48 22 833 12 39

Activities: Sales & Support

Market Served: Agro Ingredients, Consumer Care, Coatings and Composites, Water Treatment

In the area of Biocides, we provide close regulatory and technical support to our customers. Our key activities are industrial water treatment, pulp and paper, disinfection and preservation.

With a team of dedicated staff, we work to develop and cultivate close relationships with our business partners in Poland. Lonza Warsaw is responsible for the market development of fine chemicals, polymers and additives, engineering plastics as well as chemical specialities for the pharmaceutical, agrochemical, nutrition, cosmetics, hygiene, plastics and automotive industry. We also offer to our customers a broad spectrum of services, ranging from R&D via pilot production to exclusive syntheses.