Lonza Singapore

Singapore, Tuas

Lonza Biologics Tuas Pte Ltd
35 Tuas South Ave 6
SG-Singapore 637377
Tel +65 6521 4111
Fax +65 6521 4108

Lonza BioSciences Singapore Pte Ltd
35 Tuas South Ave 6
SG-Singapore 637377
Fax +65 6521 4378

Lonza Microbial Control Asia Pacific Pte Ltd
10 Science Park Road 02-12
The Alpha, Singapore Science Park II,
Singapore 117684
Tel +65 6521 4361
Fax +65 6521 4369*4410

Activities: Production,Sales & Support

Market Served: BioResearch, Pharma & Biotech

The Singapore operations were set-up in 2007 as joint venture between Lonza and Singapore government’s Economic Development Board (EDB) as a large-scale cell culture manufacturing site for the production of monoclonal antibodies and recombinant proteins for biopharmaceuticals serving the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. Since 2009 it is a wholly owned company of Lonza Group Ltd.

Besides Lonza Singapore also supports sales offices for Lonza Life Science Ingredients – Nutrition and Microbial Control, plus Lonza Bioscience Cell Biology and Rapid Testing groups.

Employees: 330

Lonza Singapore EHS Programs and Performance 2016