Instructions for submitting invoices by email:

In line with the progressing global roll out of E-invoicing legislation, Lonza’s preferred way to receive invoices is via e-mail.

Prompt submission of invoices through correct e-mail addresses will help Lonza to ensure the invoices are paid on time and according to terms.

List of email addresses for submission of invoices by Lonza’s locations, as well as submission guidance, can be found here

Instructions for Down payments:

When issuing down payment requests and final invoices related for purchase orders with down payments, these must be clearly marked as such.

For the supplier or for invoicing, the following points are important for down payments and final invoices:

  • The invoice must state the word “down payment" and what percentage is to be paid.
  • The final invoice must contain the words "final invoice".
  • The final invoice must state the total amount of the purchase order minus the down payments and any milestone payments made.

Instructions for registering on Supplier portal:

To obtain the current status of your invoice at any time, please register for access to the free of charge Supplier portal by contacting us at

Queries about invoices: register to access Supplier Portal here.

For other invoices-related queries, please email the corresponding Query team.

Country City Company Name Query Team Email Addresses
Belgium Verviers Lonza Verviers SPRL
Bornem Capsugel Belgium NV
Great Britain
Netherlands Breda Lonza Benelux BV
Geleen / Maastricht Lonza Netherlands B.V.
Canada, Mexico, United States