Spray-dried biologics for respiratory delivery

Building upon over 20 years of experience in spray-drying of large and complex molecules, Lonza now provides spray-drying of biologics for clinical manufacturing services at a kilogram scale. The services are provided from Lonza Bend, the Center of Excellence for bioavailability enhancement and inhaled delivery focused on advancing spray-drying of small molecules and biologics.

Lonza's focused and local delivery method for solid protein formulations to the lungs provides a cost-effective alternative to traditional injections, potentially reducing doses and off-target exposure. Our expertise and capabilities enable our customers to bring innovative medicines to patients with unmet medical needs. 

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Bend inhalation images
Get the most appropriate inhalation formulation for your respiratory drug development

DPI technology has become the preferred approach for inhalation formulation vs. other dry powder technologies or aerosols. Lactose-blend or carrier-free based approaches to DPI require precise particle engineering through either micronization/jet milling or spray drying, respectively.

Expertise and depth of capabilities in both particle size reduction and spray drying allow our scientists to choose the most appropriate technology for your specific DPI application.

Our premier particle engineering platform is complemented by a full range of product development. Our product development teams are well versed in powder performance parameters for capsule-based devices.

Our integrated DPI offerings
  • Milling, spray drying
  • Precision micro-dosing
  • Screening and clinical testing
  • GMP testing and methods validation
Get it right the first time right for your DPI target product profile

The choice between jet milling and spray drying technology is dependent upon several factors:

  • Lactose compatibility
  • Process and scale-up issues
  • Physical properties of the API
  • Particle size distribution requirements
  • Amount of NCE available for feasibility work
  • API characteristics and ability to be jet milled
  • Content uniformity concerns

Our scientists have the expertise and experience to rapidly identify the formulation and enabling technology required to meet your target product profile. Both particle engineering approaches continue to find broad application in inhaled formulations. However, spray drying is finding increased application in DPI approaches for larger molecules or when dispersion, crystalline API in amorphous matrices, or mixed approaches are required.

Early feasibility for your DPI:
  • Small scale spray drying
  • Wet milling
  • Jet milling