Flexible solid form screening services

Using our advanced labs and global expertise in advanced chemical synthesis, our solid form services (SFS) (also known as solid form chemistry services) can be readily accessed alone or as part of an integrated drug substance/product development program, such as crystallization development studies.

Selecting your lead solid form as early as possible

Lonza will help you determine the most suitable chemical and physical form of an API. The selection involves the screening and characterization of chemical forms and the associated polymorphs. Every molecule has a different propensity for polymorphism and forms hydrates and solvates.

Solid form screening and identification are also a core component of our SimpliFiH® first-in-human services.

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Salt screening & polymorphs

Selecting a lead solid involves chemical forms (salts, cocrystals, solvates) and associated polymorphs. The molecule's physicochemical properties and TPP dictate the need for screening salts, cocrystals, or bioavailability-enhanced formulations and the key properties of any solid form: 

  • Solubility
  • Dissolution rate
  • Manufacturability
  • Stability
  • & more

Effective form screening and selection are critical for early and late-stage development to mitigate risks and strengthen Intellectual Property (IP) claims.

Lonza Bend Solid Form Services
Quickly understand the solid form of your molecule

Get access to world-leading equipment and expertise that will quickly study the various solid forms of your molecule, so you can enhance bioavailability and accelerate your development timeline.

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Solid Form Services: screening examples
  • Characterization
  • Cocrystal screen
  • Hydrate mapping
  • Single-crystal XRD
  • Stable form screen
  • Primary salt screen
  • Secondary salt screen
  • Preformulation screen
  • Enantiomeric screening
  • Primary polymorph screen
  • PXRD method development
  • Amorphous solid dispersions
  • Secondary polymorph screen
  • ASAP and traditional stability
  • Salt developability assessment
  • Stable form developability assessment
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