09 May 2022
Lonza Expands its Capsugel® Capsule Offering to Include Titanium Dioxide-Free White Hard Gelatin Capsules
  • New hard gelatin capsule provides a bright white color, while meeting titanium dioxide-free requirements for foods in the European Union
  • The new capsule features an alternative opacifying technology, offering an excellent masking solution, and has a superior protection of the fill formulation from light.

Basel, Switzerland, 09 May 2022 – Lonza has expanded its Capsugel® offering with a titanium dioxide-free (TiO2-free) white hard gelatin capsule, fulfilling the evolving demand of its customers to meet new titanium dioxide-free requirements for foods in the European Union.

This novel opacifying technology leverages the functionality of crystalized salts to provide the same whiteness and masking as capsules containing TiO2. In an internal head-to-head comparison study, Lonza’s TiO2 alternative solution provided excellent light protection and opacity compared to other TiO2 alternatives as well as capsules produced with TiO2.

Stef Vanquickenborne, Vice President, Head of Capsules & Health Ingredients Research and Development, Lonza commented: “As a leader in capsule design and manufacturing, we have leveraged our experience and expertise to develop a opacifying formulation to meet the evolving requirements of our customers. This new capsule joins an already existing offering of titanium dioxide-free capsules including Capsugel® White Opal® HPMC capsule.”

*Contrast Ratio = apparent reflectance of the material backed by a perfectly absorbing surface (black) divided by its apparent reflectance when backed by highly reflecting material (white).