30 Jun 2021
Kaged Muscle First to Launch with Lonza's TWK10 Sports Probiotic in the USA
  • Kaged Muscle is dedicated to providing premium sports nutrition supplements featuring high-quality, science-backed ingredients
  • TWK10® sports probiotic, brought to market by Lonza, is an innovative form of the probiotic strain L. plantarum, which is the first probiotic that has been clinically studied to show an increase in exercise endurance by up to 75%[1]

Quote from Vaughn DuBow, Product Manager, Sports Nutrition:

"Probiotics have been in the spotlight for years for their beneficial effects on digestive health. Recently, scientists have discovered even more ways for probiotics to improve health, including benefits connected to athletic performance and exercise endurance. We are excited to collaborate with Kaged Muscle, innovators within the sports nutrition field, to bring one of the latest health ingredients to the market."

Quote from Brian Rand Chief Innovation Officer, Kaged Muscle:

"Our customers are more conscious of what is included in the supplements they use to fuel their workouts. We were impressed with the TWK10® ingredient, due to its  substantial effects in athletes of all levels; but also because it  embodies a clean and naturally sourced ingredient, as it was originally isolated from food-based sources."


Greenwood, USA and Basel, Switzerland, 30 June 2021 – Kaged Muscle, a sports nutrition company based in Huntington Beach, California, and Lonza today announced a collaboration to bring Lonza's new probiotic ingredient, specifically for sports nutrition, to the US market.

TWK10® sports probiotic helps answer growing consumer demands for clean-label, naturally sourced and clinically proven dietary supplements and ingredients. Originally sourced from Taiwanese kimchi, this unique form of the L. plantarum strain is the first probiotic formulated to address athletes' health, performance and endurance at all levels.

Kaged Muscle will launch Pro-biotic Premium Performance as part of its product lines focused on endurance and active living. The company sells products with additional Lonza health ingredients, including Carnipure® L-Carnitine and ChromeMate® ingredients.

Kaged Muscle's Pro-biotic will be formulated using the Capsugel® DRcaps® capsules, which feature a modified release profile ideal for the targeted release of probiotics in the gut. Unlike traditional capsules designed to open the contents within the stomach, DRcaps® capsules feature a uniquely designed release approach, ensuring maximum delivery of living probiotics to where they can be absorbed best.

For more information about Lonza's health ingredients and dosage form solutions, including innovative capsules, visit www.capsugel.com.

TWK10 is a Synbio Tech trademark.

[1] Huang, et al., (2018). Effect of Lactobacillus Plantarum TWK10 on Improving Endurance Performance in Humans. The Chinese journal of physiology, 61(3), 163–170. https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/29962176/
Exhaustive time with VO2 workload; Improvement level based on 6 week study; n=16, 8 individuals compared to baseline.