01 Oct 2020
Lonza Launches the PyroCell Monocyte Activation Test System for Reliable and Sustainable in vitro Pyrogen Testing
  • Lonza expands upon their QC testing portfolio with the launch of the PyroCell™ MAT System, a highly sensitive and sustainable Monocyte Activation Test (MAT) suitable for detecting a broad range of pyrogens without the need for experimental animals
  • The new offering combines Sanquin's optimized MAT reagents and Lonza's media and accessories, providing customers with a complete testing solution
  • Drug developers in Europe and North America can now explore the full potential of a high-performing, sustainable MAT solution to help ensure safe products from early drug development to market release

Orla Cloak, Director, Testing & Informatics Solutions, Lonza:

“Pharmaceutical and medical device industries are increasingly turning to more sustainable test methods for the accurate detection of pyrogenic contamination. In response to these market trends, we are very excited to expand our portfolio of sustainable testing solutions with the PyroCell™ MAT System, which will better support the customer's needs during development and ensure product safety.”

Basel, Switzerland, 1 October 2020 – Lonza Bioscience has announced today the commercial release of the PyroCell™ MAT System, a sustainable and reliable solution for in vitro pyrogen testing. The new offering expands upon Lonza's experience in primary cells and endotoxin testing, combined with Sanquin's expertise in MAT production, helping ensure the safety of parenteral pharmaceuticals during development, manufacture and product release.

The PyroCell™ MAT System provides advantages over existing methods for pyrogen detection in complex formulations, such as human vaccines and cell-based biologics. It provides sensitive pyrogen detection without the use of experimental animals, thereby supporting sustainability objectives while helping to deliver safe products to the market.

Through a collaboration with Sanquin Reagents B.V., Lonza's PyroCell™ MAT System is comprised of pooled, cryopreserved Peripheral Blood Mononuclear Cells (PBMCs) specifically developed for use with the MAT. These cryopreserved PyroCell™ Kit PBMCs eliminate the need to qualify blood donors and undertake cell isolation for each single test run. With the PyroCell™ MAT System, the cells can be available on demand whenever the need arises.

The PyroCell™ MAT System reagents can now be purchased throughout North America and Europe through Lonza's comprehensive distribution network and sales support services. For more information about the PyroCell™ MAT System, please visit www.lonza.com/mat. For additional information about Lonza's complete bacterial endotoxin testing product offering, please visit https://bioscience.lonza.com/endotoxin-testing.