30 Sep 2020
Lonza Launches Its First Probiotic Ingredient for Sports Nutrition in North America: TWK10 Brand
  • Lonza announces the launch of its new and unique probiotic strain, isolated from Taiwanese Kimchi
  • Designed for elite athletes and active individuals, TWK10® probiotic provides benefits for endurance, body composition and energy
  • Lonza has an exclusive licensing partnership with Synbiotech

Quote from Dr. Thomas Kiy, Vice President Strategy and Portfolio Development, Lonza Capsules & Health Ingredients:

“At Lonza, we continue to look for and develop science-backed ingredients to help brands create cleaner, more effective products that active consumers demand. TWK10® probiotic is a world-first for the sports nutrition market and true innovation. Originally isolated from fermented vegetables, specifically Taiwanese Kimchi, the unique patented TWK10® strain is the next generation of probiotics. It is scientifically proven to effectively modulate gut microbiota for sports endurance and performance benefits. TWK10® vegan probiotic also appears to support increased butyrate-producing bacteria in the gut for a positive increase in energy metabolism.”

Quote from Kuei-Ming Lee, Vice President of Human Healthcare, Synbiotech:

“Fermented dairy products with active bacterial cultures are the typical source of many probiotics currently on the market. However, our extensive research exploring over 300 plant-derived probiotic strains revealed a unique strain with excellent survival rates. Currently, two human clinical trials have been completed on TWK10® probiotic, and studies have shown that it delivers significant benefits for fitness enthusiasts and active individuals, including increasing muscle endurance.”

Morristown, NJ (USA), September 16, 2020 – Lonza announces the launch of its L. plantarum (TWK10®) ingredient, a unique strain originally isolated from naturally fermented Taiwanese Kimchi. A novel probiotic designed to deliver sports nutrition benefits for both elite athletes and active consumers, the TWK10® brand is clinically shown to enhance endurance, improve body composition and energy levels. Licensed exclusively from Synbiotech for North America, the clean label, the vegan ingredient can be used in dietary supplements and in foods, with additional applications already in development. TWK10® probiotic is available now in North America.

Any athlete, any person, every advantage

Suitable for elite athletes, so-called “weekend warriors,” and active individuals alike, TWK10® probiotic helps improve athletic performance through greater energy harvesting. By enhancing muscle endurance, TWK10® probiotic allows consumers to train for longer. Derived from vegetables, TWK10® probiotic also enables brands to meet the increased consumer preference for vegan, plant-based sports nutrition products.

TWK10® probiotic is the latest addition to Lonza's growing sports nutrition ingredient portfolio. The vegan MuscleGuard™ formulation comprises a unique blend of ingredients to offer clinically significant benefits for muscle strength, mass and activity. A sustainably-sourced phytoplankton ingredient, Oceanix™ brand offers clinically-studied benefits for sustained strength and power and short-term recovery. Carnipure® L-carnitine delivers both exercise and muscle recovery benefits. At the same time, UC-II® undenatured type II collagen improves joint health to further support active lifestyles.

The new TWK10® ingredient will officially be unveiled at Lonza's Virtual Innovation Day on October 1, 2020 — interested parties can email vaughn.dubow@lonza.com for more information or to request a sample.