15 Sep 2020
Legacy landfill at Gamsenried: Lonza presents possible remediation options
  • Lonza is actively managing the company’s industrial legacy including contamination at a for-mer landfill site in Gamsenried (VS), Switzerland. High pollutant values were found in the groundwater downstream of the former landfill site, originating from deposits made be-tween 1918 and 1978.
  • A preliminary study, conducted by Lonza, to identify possible remediation options for the former Gamsenried landfill was presented to the local authorities in July 2020.
  • Today, the cantonal Department of the Environment, together with Lonza, presented the options for remediation including:
    • Reinforcement of the existing hydraulic protection via additional vertical retaining walls
    • Treatment of benzidine pollution in groundwater downstream of the landfill site
    • Priority remediation of landfill areas having the greatest impact on groundwater

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