20 Aug 2020
IsoPlexis and Lonza Collaborate to Enable the Next Generation of Precision Cell Therapy Manufacturing
  • Lonza to utilize of IsoPlexis' IsoLight® automated proteomics platform
  • IsoLight® to be used for functional quality analytics for cell therapy products produced on Lonza's Cocoon® Platform, an automated cell manufacturing platform

Quote from Matthew Hewitt, Head of Clinical Development and Personalized Medicine, Lonza:

"This collaboration between Lonza and IsoPlexis highlights the evolution of cell therapy manufacturing. As we continue to scale the manufacturing of cell therapies, it will be critical to characterize the quality and performance of these products with technologies such as IsoPlexis' IsoLight."

Quote from Sean Mackay, CEO of Isoplexis:

"We are excited to collaborate with Lonza to shape the future of cell therapy manufacturing and quality analytics. As cell therapies continue to grow in therapeutic importance, manufacturing processes will require more precision relating to potency and performance. Alongside Lonza's novel platform, the IsoLight will play a key role in enabling that increased level of precision and insight into cell product performance."

Basel, Switzerland, and Branford, CT (USA), 20 August 2020 – IsoPlexis, the leader in single-cell functional proteomics products, today announced a collaboration with Lonza, a leading cell & gene therapy manufacturer, to use IsoPlexis' IsoLight platform. This automated functional proteomics analysis platform will provide quality analytics for cell therapy products generated on Lonza's Cocoon® Platform, an automated, highly flexible cell therapy manufacturing Platform.

Lonza's Cocoon® Platform allows for efficient centralized and decentralized manufacturing of novel cell therapies, and IsoPlexis' IsoLight Platform provides a solution for the functional characterization of the cell therapy product, to ensure correlative functional potency of the manufactured cell product.

Improved end-to-end automation on the Cocoon® Platform minimizes the need for human involvement in numerous steps, and IsoPlexis systems provide functional phenotyping to characterize the cell therapy product from heterogeneous cell populations better. IsoPlexis' functional phenotyping has been published with a variety of leading CAR-T and cell therapy biopharma companies and academic institutions in areas ranging from research to process development and clinical biomarkers.

By using the Cocoon® Platform's automated programming and on-board, real-time analytics, the collaboration will seek to significantly improve the biological understanding of starting material, process, and product analytics to enable more efficient manufacturing and higher quality cell therapies.