01 Jul 2020
Lonza Expands Particle Engineering Services
  • Lonza doubles the network jet-milling capacity for supporting development stage projects and expands the capabilities in specialized cGMP handling
  • Lonza adds new dedicated development capacity for spray dry processing

Quote from Christian Dowdeswell, VP Small Molecules Commercial Development, Lonza:

“Particle engineering is a key component of our integrated services across drug substance and drug product development and manufacturing. We see an increasing requirement for phase-appropriate jet milling and spray drying to advance complex molecules and meet more specialized target product profiles across oral and inhaled applications.”

Basel, Switzerland, 01 July 2020 – Lonza announced additional investments in its global particle engineering network for expanded capacity and specialized capabilities. Jet milling and spray dry processing for development have been significantly expanded at US and European sites to meet increased demand. Specialized processing capabilities have also been enhanced.

Development capacity (non-GMP assets) has been doubled at the Monteggio (CH) micronization site with investments inclusive of a new glove-box for isolation, upgraded process controls and expanded operator teams. A new micronization development wing has also been brought online at the Quakertown, PA (USA) site. Additionally, a new pharmaceutical spray dryer dedicated to development projects has been added at the Bend, OR (USA) site.

Particle engineering, inclusive of spray dry processing and size reduction through micronization, is a core capability of Lonza. Micronization and spray drying are employed to improve solubility, dissolution rate, bioavailability, processing and flow, as well as controlling particle size distribution for dry powder inhaler (DPI) applications. The trend towards more highly potent molecules, driven primarily by oncology applications, has resulted in the need for expanded contained particle engineering processing.

Lonza has also expanded its specialized processing capability within its particle engineering platform. During the last 12 months, the Monteggio site has revamped its processing assets to allow for 100% segregation of steroids and hormone compounds. Two new cGMP rooms have been designed to reach a proper containment level to meet quality and safety requirements maintaining a high throughput of the micronization processes.

As part of Lonza's focus on expanded particle engineering services, the external sale of jet milling equipment and containment systems will be curtailed. Going forward, the Monteggio-based engineering and technical team will be entirely focused on supporting the delivery of our micronization services.

More information can be found here.