07 Apr 2020
Lonza Continues to Implement Measures to Reduce Legacy Benzidine Pollution
  • In January, Lonza’s pilot biosparging facility started operations to speed up the breakdown of benzidine in groundwater downstream of the legacy landfill site in Gamsenried, CH.
  • To further increase the efficacy of the hydraulic protection barrier at the Gamsenried landfill, Lonza plans to commission an additional protection well in the summer of 2020.
  • Drinking water in the communities concerned as well as the catchment area for the thermal springs in Brigerbad remain unexposed to benzidine.
  • Detailed investigation of the body of the landfill is ongoing.
  • Further historical research on benzidine measurements has been conducted.
  • Lonza has commissioned the University of Lausanne, CH, to carry out a study on the potential impact of benzidine polluted  groundwater on soil, food production and the food chain.
  • A coordination committee consisting of representatives from Lonza and the Swiss government was created and will meet regularly in the future.

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Biosparging, Brigerbad, CH, March 2020

Protection well, Gamsenried, CH, March 2020