18 Sep 2019
Lonza Launches Modifect® EV Bioactive for Even Skin Tone at In-Cosmetics Latin America

Lonza launches Modifect® EV Bioactive at In-Cosmetics Latin America (18-19 September, São Paulo, Brazil), which reveals the appearance of an even skin tone through skin detoxification

Modifect® EV Bioactive is supported by strong in vitro, ex vivo and in vivo technical data, providing insights into its biochemical mechanisms of action and convincing proof of efficacy

Visitors to this year's show can find out more about the science-backed benefits of the new product at stand E30.

Vanessa Arruda, PhD, Global Product Launch & Communication Lead, Lonza:

“Modifect® EV Bioactive offers a unique combination of ingredients with multifunctional performance designed to impart a more youthful appearance. It helps to detoxify and fortify skin against oxidative damage. “

“Reactive oxygen species (ROS) are recognized for their ability to cause damages to essential skin proteins and lipids, which can break down skin functions and lead to changes including wrinkling, loss of firmness and elasticity, dry skin, and hyperpigmentation.

“The majority of consumers are familiar with external environmental factors, such as UV radiation and chemical pollutants increasing ROS production. However, the fact that ROS also arise from healthy behavior such as exercise will come as a surprise to most, and presents excellent opportunity for consumer education, says Dr. Arruda.

São Paulo (BR), 18 September 2019 – In-Cosmetics Latin America 2019 (18-19 September, São Paulo, Brazil) sees Lonza launch Modifect® EV, a new topical skincare solution which helps protect against damage caused by reactive oxygen species (ROS) to even skin tone. Visitors to this year's show can find out more about the science-backed benefits of the new product at stand E30.

Proven Results

Independent in vitro and ex vivo efficacy tests showed that Modifect®EV bioactive reduces the presence of superoxide radicals in mitochondrias and increases the levels of Sirtuin 3 protein. Modifect®EV bioactive also decreases the levels of DNA damage in response to UV radiation or pollutants.

“Clinical tests with 59 female volunteers showed that Modifect®EV bioactive reduces the appearance of lines, wrinkles and age spots and leads to a healthier skin, which is able to produce higher levels of collagen” Dr. Arruda added. “In addition, the formation of advanced glycation end products (AGEs) was decreased as demonstrated in Clinical tests and confirmed by in vitro test.”

Modifect®EV bioactive is composed of three different ingredients (Coffee Seed Extract, Trehalose and Carnosine) that were carefully chosen based on their chemistry and previously reported biological activity and biophysical properties.

The topical skincare solution is available globally and can be added to any formulation, including serums, moisturizers, lotions and creams.

The Science of GorgeousTM

Consumers are increasingly looking for skincare solutions that can address concerns related to environmental damage in addition to those that can help them age well. Lonza Home & Personal care is a leading supplier of non-traditional and traditional functional solutions. Working at the frontier of skin-care science, it equips developers aspiring to reduce the appearance of aging and the environment, enhance skin tone and maintain skin at its healthiest state. Visiters to Lonza's In-Cosmetics Latin America 2019 stand (E30) can find out more about its range of innovative solutions and formulations, including next-generation preservatives, chassis ingredients, aesthetic modifiers and bioactives.