25 Jun 2019
Lonza Launches the First in a Series of Educational Videos on “Keeping Our World Healthy™”

Morristown, NJ (USA), 25 June 2019 – Lonza has launched the first in its series of educational videos on “Keeping Our World Healthy™”. The aim of this video series is to take the viewers on an educational journey and highlight the importance of disinfection in their everyday lives. They will learn how disinfection is beneficial, how to read a product label, which product to use and where best to use them, among other topics.

Lonza is a brand leader and at the forefront of the Microbial Control industry, so it is well positioned to be educators in this field. By providing positive, science-based information on disinfection, Lonza is re-enforcing that disinfection provides the first line of defense for healthy living. Consumers spend their daily lives at home, at work, in schools, healthcare institutions, restaurants and so on. All of these places have breeding grounds for germs to spread, so the goal is to help consumers understand how best to dispel the myths that can sometimes surround the use of some chemical products such as disinfectants.

“Modern life the way we know it would be impossible to imagine without disinfection,” said Ernesto Lippert, Lonza Global VP of Portfolio Development. “Germs are easier to control before they infect the body. A better understanding of these certified technologies will help consumers identify the threats, select the right products to protect themselves and their loved ones and learn how to use them appropriately.”

The video is available on https://youtu.be/sTMEnZB42Sw