14 May 2019
Lonza Receives EPA Approval for Open Systems in Metalworking Fluid Applications

Basel (CH), 14 May 2019 – Lonza is pleased to announce the approval of Densil® DN and Densil® DG-45 antimicrobials, by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for use in all metalworking fluid systems. Previously, Densil® DN and Densil® DG45 antimicrobials used in metalworking fluid applications were approved for use in closed systems only. Lonza performed the necessary testing and submitted the data to EPA in order to substantiate this approval for use in open systems.

This approval offers our metalworking fluid customers confidence in the safety profile of Densil® DN and Densil® DG-45 antimicrobial products.

The Densil® DN and Densil® DG-45 products are globally recognized effective fungicides with a proven performance record and properties that set them apart from the alternatives. These antimicrobials are chemically stable over a broad pH range, temperature stable, effective in systems with high level of bacterial contamination and compatible with a variety of metalworking fluids and amine systems.

“The EPA approval for use in open systems of Densil® DN and Densil® DG-45 antimicrobials for metalworking fluid applications further reinforced our confidence in the safety profile of these products,” said Kevin Costen, Global Head of Marketing, Metals, for Lonza's Coatings and Composites business unit. “This approval will allow the metalworking fluid industry to capitalize on the many performance advantages and give peace of mind when using these Densil® products in their global formulations.”