03 Apr 2019
Lonza Launches New SYNETH™ Range of Polyglycerol Esters For Perfect Balance of Function, Aesthetics and Mildness
  • Unique and customizable chemistry enables formulation without compromise

Morristown, NJ (USA), 3 April 2019 – Lonza today launched its new SYNETH™ range of polyglycerol esters, extremely versatile non-ionic emulsifiers and surfactants that help formulators strike the perfect balance between functionality, aesthetics and mildness.

Based on a unique and customizable polyglycerol ester chemistry, the SYNETH range provides key formulation properties and enables formulation without compromise.

“We designed the SYNETHTM range to help formulators address consumers' desire to care for their bodies and the environment while meeting their demands for innovative, luxurious products,” said Jennifer Clancy, Lonza Senior Director of Global Marketing. “We developed the SYNETH™ range from a single, versatile and customizable chemistry to increase formulation efficiency and speed to market.”

Versatility Across the Range

The SYNETHTM polyglycerol esters offer formulators a complete tool kit of emulsifiers and surfactants for virtually any application or product form in beauty and personal care, ranging from cleansers to emulsification of water/oil (w/o) emulsions.

The SYNETH™ emulsifiers/surfactants can be used in a range of leave-on and rinse-off applications for skin, hair and scalp care.

With Hydrophile-Lipophile Balance (HLB) values ranging from 3 to 15, the SYNETH™ range comprises seven polyglycerol esters:

  • SYNETH™ O3, a versatile, emulsifier/surfactant with a low HLB value, is ideal for use as a hydrophobic co-surfactant and in pigment wetting and dispersion.
  • SYNETH™ S8, a surfactant/emulsifier suitable for both (w/o) and oil/water (o/w) systems, is ideal for creating rich and luxurious textures in moisturizing leave-on and rinse-off applications.
  • SYNETH™ S10, a mid-range HLB (o/w) and (w/o) emulsifier, is ideal for moisturizing leave-on applications with unique textures across a wide range of viscosities.
  • SYNETH™ P11, a mid-range HLB emulsifier for high yield strength (w/o) and (o/w) systems, is ideal for creating luxurious textures for moisturizing leave-on applications, also across a wide range of viscosities.
  • SYNETH™ O13, a versatile and cold-processable surfactant/emulsifier, works for elegant, moisturizing leave-on and rinse-off applications.
  • SYNETH™ C15 is a cold-processable surfactant exhibiting exemplary mildness, flash foaming and oil pickup properties. It works well in gentle cleansing applications in hair and skin care.
  • SYNETH™ L 15, a cold-processable surfactant with exemplary mildness and cleaning properties, works for gentle cleansing applications.

Mildness and Moisturization

SYNETHTM polyglycerol esters show excellent mildness on both skin and eyes, which makes them particularly useful in products for sensitive skin or infants and children.

“While superior mildness is a major advantage of any surfactant or emulsifier, SYNETHTM polyglycerol esters go a step further by providing active moisturization benefits,” Clancy said.

The SYNETHTM range is naturally derived from plant origin and is fully compliant with the following criteria and standards: Non-PGE; Non-GMO, EO-, PO-, and 1,4-dioxane-free; Kosher, Halal and Vegan. The SYNETH™ range complies with COSMOS and ISO 16128-1 standards and is RSPO MB-certified. They are China Compliant with the exception of SYNETHTM C15 and P11.

“SYNETHTM polyglycerol esters provide cleansing performance and foaming characteristics previously considered impossible from a non-ionic surfactant,” said Daan Thorn Leeson, PhD, Global Head of Skin Care Technology. “They also enable formulators to provide excellent aesthetics and innovative textures for leave-on systems without resorting to silicone-based ingredients that have come under great environmental and regulatory scrutiny.”

Processability and Formulation Efficiency

Lonza's SYNETHTM range of polyglycerol esters can help formulators increase speed to market in a number of ways, Dr. Thorn Leeson said.

“First, relying on a single chemistry for an immensely broad range of applications with a large set of high-quality and relevant data available will help formulators cut product development time and improve formulation efficiency.”

He added, “Second, all SYNETHTM polyglycerol esters are either cold-processable or can be processed at low temperatures, which facilitates and speeds up lab batch preparation and scale-up.”

Given their multifunctional capabilities, functionality, stability and rheology control while providing additional moisturization benefits, the SYNETHTM range of polyglycerol esters allows formulators to simplify formulations without compromising on aesthetics and performance.