13 Mar 2019
Lonza Offers New, Innovative Preservatives for Wet-State Preservation in Europe

Basel (CH), 13 March 2019 – Lonza is launching two new additions to the Proxel® range of preservatives in Europe at the European Coatings Show from 19-21 March 2019 in Nuremberg (DE). The new, innovative wet-state preservatives are designed to align with the evolving regulatory landscape in Europe and the increasing market demand for Methylisothiazolinone-free (MIT-free) biocide formulations.

Proxel® LSR and Proxel® HBC Preservatives are dual-active, broad-spectrum biocides for wet-state preservation of water-based paints, adhesives and construction chemicals. Both novel formulations offer powerful, extensive protection at target dose levels and avoid potential hazardous warning labels.

Proxel® LSR and Proxel® HBC Preservatives are free from formaldehyde and are low-viscosity solutions that are pH and temperature stable. Both products benefit from the use of two complementary active ingredients providing enhanced antimicrobial efficacy and protection from bacteria in a wide range of industrial applications.

“Proxel® LSR and Proxel® HBC Preservatives are new additions to a family of products that offer regulatory compliance along with best-in-class performance,” said Murray Hemsley, Global Head of Marketing, Paints and Coatings, for Lonza's Coating and Composites business unit. “Our new products do not require customers to label with EU H317 while providing robust, long-term preservation for coating formulations and polymer emulsions.”